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Judicial reforms in Central and Eastern European Countries / Ramona Coman and Jean-Michel De Waele (eds.)
Postcommunist elites and democracy in Eastern Europe / edited by John Higley, Jan Pakulski and Włodzimierz Wesołowski.
The legacy of the past as a factor of the transformation process in postcommunist countries of Central Europe : the territory of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, former GDR) : december 7.9. 1993 in Prague / edited by Vladimíra Dvořáková and Emil Voráček
The 1989 revolutions in Central and Eastern Europe : from communism to pluralism / edited by Kevin McDermott and Matthew Stibbe
The unfinished revolution : making sense of the communist past in Central-Eastern Europe / James Mark
Totalitarismus und Transformation : Defizite der Demokratiekonsolidierung in Mittel- und Osteuropa / herausgegeben von Uwe Backes, Tytus Jaskułowsky und Abel Polese
Defeating authoritarian leaders in postcommunist parties / Valerie J. Bunce, Sharon L. Wolchik
The end and the beginning : the revolutions of 1989 and the resurgence of history / edited by Vladimir Tismaneanu with Bogdan Iacob
1989 : a global history of Eastern Europe / James Mark, Bogdan C. Iacob, Tobias Rupprecht, Ljubica Spaskovska
Capitalism and democracy in Central and Eastern Europe : assessing the legacy of communist rule / edited by Grzegorz Ekiert, Stephen E. Hanson

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